Welcome to the History Department's Web Page

History is all about the study of the past and here at Ivy Bank the Department works hard to bring the past to life. You get to study a variety of historical events and find out what people in the past got up to.

Teaching and learning is also diverse and you will experience a range of activities in your learning which include group presentations, use of I.C.J active history and taking part in different history visits to a whole range of sites.

We have excellent results at GCSE and provide the best guidance for you to succeed. Through the study of History, you also get to acquire different skills, which are transferable to many jobs and careers when you leave school.

Our extra-curricular programme gives you a chance to investigate local history by planning attacks on castles, going in search of the Pendle witches and much, much more…., so get your teeth into History and let the past shape your future!!

(See our current list of forthcoming extra-curricular events, to get involved in our local History club.