School Life
Ivy Bank is a relatively young school and its atmosphere reflects the vitality of its students and the enthusiasm of its staff. Visitors often comment on the excellent relationships that exist between students and teachers and the many opportunities that the school offers. Students are expected to be involved in the host of activities outside the classroom providing them with the opportunities to grow, develop and to gain skills and interests which will equip them for life.

Year Councils

Each form group nominates representatives to attend council meetings. These work with the Heads of Year and give students real responsibility for decisions that are made. The agenda for each council meeting can be very varied ranging from routine matters, such as fund raising for charities, to offering views on school policies.

School Council

Every Year group is represented on the school council, which meets each month with the head teacher. This provides an opportunity for students to suggest improvements that can be made in school life. In recent times members of the council have also attended governors' meetings and given their views on such things as catering and school uniform. In this way students are able to participate in making decisions that affect their daily lives. The council is also represented on the Technology Advisory Panel which co-ordinates our links with the local business community.

Project Trident

Upper School students are actively encouraged to take up the challenge of gaining a Trident Gold Certificate. The scheme rewards young people for servicing their community, undertaking a personal challenge and completing a period of work experience. Although the scheme is managed within school, the activities take place elsewhere and offer a demanding and worthwhile goal to our young people.

Visits and Journeys

Throughout the school year there are opportunities to visit a range of interesting places at home and abroad. Many departments organise trips to support their educational program. These include a Modern Languages visit to Europe, a History tour of First World War battlefield sites and the Geography residential field study course. While the English and Drama departments enrich their classroom work with regular theatre visits, we cater for more adventurous tastes with our annual Skiing and Spanish Water Sports holidays.