Merits and
One of our most important beliefs is that students work most effectively in a school that values them and which rewards both their efforts and their achievements. While we expect everyone to work hard, we feel that endeavour should be rewarded in a way that will motivate everyone.

The Reward System

All students are encouraged to collect merits for work completed to a high standard. These are awarded throughout the year for commitment and achievement in classwork, homework, GCSE coursework and examinations. Additionally merits can be earned for exceptionally good attendance. At the end of every term each individual who has accumulated a sufficient total is able to exchange the credits for a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. The awards are all financed by local companies and organisations and have ranged in recent times from tickets to professional soccer games to vouchers for fast food to the William Thompson Centre.

Achiever of The Month

Sponsored by The Abbey National plc the award is given throughout the year to those who have shown exceptional commitment to activities either inside or outside the school. Recently winners have taken the trophy and prize for achievements which have varied in excellence in sport to helping charitable causes or working exceptionally hard to overcome an individual difficulty.

GCSE Incentive Scheme

All of our Key Stage 4 GCSE courses are supported in a variety of ways by the area's major employers. Each company offers a trophy and range of prizes to reward excellence and endeavour in academic work.


We gather on three occasions each year to celebrate the achievements of young people. These high profile public events are held to recognise the outstanding performance and commitment of individuals in academic work, sport and expressive arts.