Ivy Bank High School's Business Partnership Newsletter
Issue 7 June 2000
Simply Top Class

We have all seen the Brits and the Oscars but in March this year Ivy Bank High School held its own version, the Expressive Arts Cabaret Awards 2000 evening. The event was sponsored by Barclays Bank, and the room provided free of charge by Burnley Football Club.

The event was held in the plush surroundings of Turf Moor's Executive North Stand and was presented by Clare Plane, 16, Scott Summers, 15, Joanne Webb, 15, Oanielle Eglin, 15 and Gary Starr, 15.

The girls, in cocktail dresses and the boys, in dinner suits, introduced guests from local businesses who presented the awards for art, music and drama. In true Oscar style, the winners' names were pulled from sealed envelopes.

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The evening contained a performance by the' Jane Bond and Ivy Bank Mission' drama group, various dance, ballet and singing performances and a scene from the Willy Russell play, 'Blood Brothers'. The school's IBFM radio roadshow provided music for the evening.

Head of Expressive Arts Terry Parker, said: "This was a unique production and I believe for a school to let its students present the whole awards evening shows a tremendous confidence in them. Who knows, one of our students maybe a star of tomorrow."

Let there be light

Ivy Bank High School was probably the only school in the country to view the first solar eclipse since 1927 with the help of a business partner.

Aero and Industrial Technology Limited provided funding for a 1000 students to view this once in a lifetime opportunity through special viewing glasses on the school's playing fields! The whole school had spent all morning learning more about the rare occurrence.

BBC North West Tonight sent their educational correspondent and a film crew grant 4 along to film the event. The spectacle of 1000 students viewing the eclipse appeared on television that night.