Students follow a programme that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and every effort is made to ensure that all children are given every opportunity to develop their interests and potential to the full. Of course, young people develop in different ways and at different rates and we must ensure that this is reflected in our approach to meeting individual needs. When students join us in Year 7 they are placed in teaching groups according to ability. These groups are kept under review throughout their five years in the school.

Age 11-14

At Key Stage 3 all students follow courses in English, Mathematics, Science, French or German, Art, Technology, Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Drama, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Education.

Age 14-16

At Key Stage 4 all students follow a common core of English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Technology, A Modern Language, History or Geography, as well as other operational subjects. An integral part of the school is a unit for hearing impaired children. This is specially resourced and staffed, and makes provision for secondary age students in this part of the country.

As a school we are extremely proud of the links that we have established with other education professionals. Through these we ensure that students receive individual musical tuition and that expertise is available to support young people with learning difficulties.


We believe that homework is an important part of learning, young people must develop the habit of private study if they are to fulfil their potential. The amount of homework set varies according to the age and ability of the student and the subject concerned. We ask that parents give every encouragement and support to their daughter or son in the work that they do outside school.


Examinations are an important feature of life in the school. Exams take place in each year and students are given detailed advice and guidance about how to prepare effectively. Doing well at the age of sixteen can depend upon building up good habits and practices in the lower school years. All students completing a GCSE course in any subject will be entered for the final examination unless the tutor feels that success is highly unlikely. Before any decision not to enter a student is made there will be full consultation with parents.

Special Needs

Children with special needs are an important concern and we provide support for students with learning difficulties. Most of this support is given in the classroom so that all young people have access to the same broad curriculum. There is also some withdrawal of students for intensive help with particular subjects.