Ivy Bank High School Religious Education Department

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Ms C Greig Curriculum Manager
Ms. G Broom R.E./Deputy Head
Mrs. I. Thakur R.E./PSHE
Mrs. J. Anderson R.E./Music

This is the Religious Education (RE) page of the Ivy Bank High School web-site. Students at Ivy Bank take RE from Years 7-11, and GCSE Religious Studies is a vibrant and popular option at KS4. (More information about this later!)

Religious Education is a subject which focuses on people. It provides you with opportunities to learn about understand the cultures, traditions and beliefs systems of others, whilst developing your own outlook on the world. Ivy Bank RE is taught in line with the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus (1994) and all students follow active and experiential courses, allowing students to learn both about and from religion.

Religious Education helps you develop skills of respect, empathy and analysis. Activities will include confidence-building, presentational skills and the use of ICT. You will learn to listen to, reflect on and respond to the thoughts/feelings of others. RE is a subject where your opinion counts, and so much of what we do relies on (and really values) your own experiences and opinions. Thinking through ideas, considering "what it means to be human" and linking religion to your own experience are the very centre of Ivy Bank RE. Sounds like fun? Read on !

The KS3 programme looks like this:- .

  • Year 7: Christianity-God
  • Christianity-J esus
  • Christianity-Church
  • Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism .


  • Year 8: Christianity-God
  • Christianity-J esus
  • Christianity-Church
  • Islam, Hinduism, Judaism .


  • Year 9: Christianity-God
  • Christianity-J esus
  • Christianity-Church
  • Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

At Key Stage Four you can also choose to follow the ED-EXCEL GCSE Religious Studies course- Christianity/Islam & Moral Issues.