R.S. Trip to Bradford

Year 10 and 11 GCSE RS students had the opportunity to visit Bradford and experience a multicultural day out.

Our stops would be the Interfaith Centre, the Asian shops, the Mosque and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The Interfaith Centre provided the students with the opportunity to see various resources and also just to observe those who worked there. It was interesting to see how the centre provided their service and how all religions were represented. This was a good message for the students.

Next, we had the opportunity to visit the Asian community through a variety of stores. We admired the Asian dress, especially the shoes, which were beautifully made. There was also many artefacts, from incense sticks to a Hindu Mandap.

The Mosque was our next stop, as we arrived, we ladies adorned our heads with scarves, as we got ready to enter the Mosque. There was a sense of excitement as we were about to witness those things we had only read in books, discussed in class and watched on videos. As we entered these things suddenly became real to us. The shoe rack, the well kept carpet, the clocks on the wall, we even had the privilege of seeing some people pray.

The Guide was very friendly and helpful and was willing to answer our questions. There was also a female Guide, which gave us a fantastic opportunity to ask her about the role of women in Islam which is a topic frequently debated.

The Serbian Orthodox Church was almost our final stop. ..what a beautiful place. The students observed the contrast of the Mosque, a plain and simply decorated place of worship to this intricately and beautifully decorated one. The detailed paintings and colourful floors and walls. The Priest took us through the basics and again we had the opportunity to ask questions.

Well that was almost the end, however an R.S. trip just would not be the same without a visit to MacDonald's...urnmm...

Photos of our trip