Welcome to the PSHE Department. As you look through the following web pages you can find out all about PSHE and why it is important. You can also take a look at the sorts of activities that take place throughout the year and see some examples of good work that has been done by some of the students in our half term reports.

Over the last few years the PSHE Department has got better and better. It has received several awards for the good work that goes on from the students and staff that include The Family Planning Association's Pamela Sheridan Award for good practice in Sex Education, which will be mentioned later and the East Lancashire Careers Service Quality Standard Award, which can be seen on the Careers web pages.

What is PSHE and why is it important?
PSHE stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. Its about learning how to cope with all sorts of things, that you might encounter as you grow up, and in your later life. By understanding this you'll hopefully be able to make the right decisions for yourself as time goes on. It's also about looking after yourself, physically and mentally, and understanding the consequences and dangers of things like misusing drugs, having unprotected sex, bullying someone or gambling.

One of the most important parts of PSHE is learning how to respect and understand yourself and show respect and understanding to everyone else in the world whether that's a family member, a neighbour or someone living 2000 miles away, or whether its someone who is black or white or whether it is someone who is rich or poor.

What topics do you study in PSHE?

  • Year 7 Settling in School, Homework And Setting Targets, Puberty, Drugs/Choices, Bullying, Healthy Eating and Safety.
  • Year 8 Decision Making which includes truancy, alcohol and solvent misuse, Friendships, Families, Coping with loss, Children's Rights and Responsibilities, Personal Safety and Sex Education.
  • Year 9 Prejudice which includes racism, disability, stereotyping and sexuality, Sex and Relationships which includes contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy, Careers and Option Choices, Money Management, Animal Rights and Planning for Years 10 and 11.
  • Year 10 Drugs Education, Work Experience and Police and Crime.
  • Year 11 Careers and preparation for leaving school, work for the National Record of Achievement, Homes and Housing, Sex and Relationships.

Who teaches PSHE?

Richard Burbery who is also the Curriculum Manager for PSHE (the boss).
Linda Thakur who also teaches RE (Second in Command)
Hazel Broadfield who also teaches History and is also the Peer Counselling Manager.
Sue Pearson who also teaches SEN students.

We should not forget though that there are a lot of people and companies who do not actually work in school but come in to teach some classes. They include The Police, Railtrack, Career Advisors, Crag Rats Theatre Group, Body & Soul HIV/AIDS Group, Brook Advisory Group, and many, many more.

What next in PSHE? -Citizenship

From the start of September 2002 every school has to teach a subject called Citizenship. Ivy Bank is already doing a lot of this within PSHE but we will have to do a little bit more and sooner or later PSHE will become PSHCE. Can you work out what the C stands for? Duuuu! More details will follow soon.

I hope that this has given you a taste of what PSHE is all about. If you need to find out more about PSHE topics just through interest or to help you with your work, you can click on to a variety of different web sites, the addresses of which can be seen on our Links Page. Or you could talk to one of the teachers; they'll always listen and help.