-Newsletter- September 2001
At the start of the term we welcomed 206 new students into Year 7. 
Work on the additional classrooms that we need to accommodate the large
number was completed just in time. 

New Teaching Staff 
We have been joined by a number of new colleagues at the start of the year
they are Miss Grange (Geography), Mr Savage(History), Mrs Henderson 
(English/Year 7 Manager), Mrs Hickling (English), Mr Furey (Science) and 
Mrs Wilkin (IT). We look forward to working with them over the next few 

Over the summer holiday work has begun to create a 3rd Art room and the
new dining room has been created. The dining facility is now one of the
most up to date and impressive in the northwest 

Arts Mark 
Congratulations to everyone in the Expressive Arts Faculty for their 
achievement in winning an Arts Council' Arts Mark' for the quality of the
work which goes on in Drama, Music and Art. The award also recognizes the 
dance element within P.E. 

Exam Results
Well done to all students in Year 11 who have maintained the School's 
impressive trend of improvement at GCSE in recent years. 96% of students 
achieved GCSE passes with 41% recording 5 or more A* - C grades. 

Personal Apppearance 
A reminder that we expect all students to conform to our expectations on
personal appearance. The school does, not permit students to attend 
wearing denim jackets or baseball caps. We would not accept anyone into 
school with a nose or eyebrow piercing.          

Drama Club 
The club meets every Thursday after school in room E4 from 3.00pm -4.00pm.
It is open to everyone in Years7, 8, and 9. More Year 7 students would be
especially welcome. 

Well done to Martin Handley of Year 9 who is now the top ranked swimmer in
England for his year group. It is an outstanding achievement, and one 
which reflects tremendous commitment. 

Attendance / Punctuality 
As we begin the new year we urge everyone to ensure that students attend 
regularly and arrive on time. If anyone is too ill to be here or has a 
medical appointment please telephone and let us know immediately. First 
day contact helps us to manage the, situation. 

It's a Knockout 
Thanks to everyone for supporting the annual fund raising event. Last year
6,000 was raised and we are hoping for a similar amount this time. All of
the money raised is used to finance the running of the school minibus and
to finance a range of activities and fixtures in P.E. 

The Extra Curricular programme has started with record numbers of students
attending. Everyone is welcome to come along and to take part in clubs 
which include: netball, hockey, football, basketball, gymnastics and dance.

Governors wish to draw everyone's attention to their commitment to 
ensuring that Ivy Bank remains a safe and secure environment for all 
students. Any student who brought an illegal substance on to the premises,
either for his/her own use or to supply to another person would be likely
to face permanent exclusion from the school. 

All Year 7 students are urged to purchase a small French/English dictionary
for use in class. They can be bought in any bookshop and in some 
supermarkets for as little as 2.00 

Instrumental lessons start after the September break. Anyone who wishes to
continue from last year should see Mrs Anderson or Mr Kempster; Year 7 
students who had lessons in previous schools should have lessons straight
away. Clubs have started after school on the following days: Tuesday - 7 
orchestra and Wednesday -Orchestra. Jazz band meets at 8.30 am on Thursday.

Year 11 Careers
On Wednesday September 19th the annual Year 11 Careers Guidance Evening 
takes place. Representatives will attend it from colleges, training 
providers and local employers. This will be students' only chance to meet 
with all representatives in one evening. Everyone in Year 11 is urged 
to attend. 

Water Sports 
64 Students and 8 staff travel to Cala Canyelles, Spain in the September 
break for a water sports activity holiday. Activities include water skiing, 
sailing, scuba diving, climbing and kayaking. Careers Interviews Interviews
are taking place on Mondays and Fridays. Parents who wish to attend or who
are very keen that their daughter or son does have an interview should
contact Mr Burbery .There will be more information at the Careers Guidance

Year 11 Debating Group 
Provisional arrangements have been made for students to take part in a 
topical debate in the Council Chamber in Burnley. Details will follow 

Parents as Educators 
Anyone who has a couple of hours to spare each week might be interested in
becoming a classroom helper. The school provides a lot of help and 
assistance. Anyone interested is invited to an introductory session on 
Wednesday September 19th at 11.00am. If you would like more information do
contact Mrs Cowley. She will be pleased to hear from you.