The department currently follows the AQA Syllabus A in Mathematics. There are 3 tiers of entry as follows:

Foundation 	Grades available D-G Unclassified below this 
Intermediate	Grades available B-E Unclassified below this 
Higher 		Grades available A *- c Unclassified below this 

Four pieces of coursework are required by the department, but more
may be given if necessary, to enable pupils to gain the highest 
possible marks. The coursework is worth 20% of the final mark. 
There are two final examination papers for Foundation, 
Intermediate and Higher of lIf2, 2 and 2 hours duration, 
respectively, the first paper in each tier being a non-calculator

Pupils are expected to have a calculator and drawing equipment. 
The Intermediate and Higher level students require a scientific 
calculator, which may be purchased through the department, in 
August of each year. A basic calculator is adequate for Foundation

During the course pupils will be expected to use computers. 
Spreadsheets, data handling, and graphical work may be used to 
enhance classroom teaching.

Revision booklets can also be purchased through school, at a cost
of around 2, along with a workbook at 2. These are made 
available in Year 10 and Year 11, usually in the autumn term, and
relate to the courses studied.
Most Foundation coursework will be completed at school, but it is 
expected that Intermediate and Higher coursework may have to be 
completed as homework, individually, arid in line with G.C.S.E. 

There will be an opportunity for some pupils to take statistics as
an extra GCSE. This involves a heavier workload and is not 
suitable for all students. Separate coursework will be needed for
Statistics, but this should also be usable as an element of the 
Mathematics coursework, saving time and effort if done well. 

All pupils will study G.C.S.E mathematics a11d we expect the 
majority to sit the examination. If not, pupils may be entered for
an alternative examination. 

It is most important that every student gains a qualification in
Mathematics, before leaving school.