What is Homework Online?

Homework Online offers teachers, students and parents a quick and easy (and free!) way to communicate about homework as well as offering Literature Study Guides (viewing the study guides does not require an account).

Students: Finally! No more calling friends at the last minute late at night to find out what that math assignment was you forgot to write down. With Homework Online, the answer is just a click away.

Teachers: Finally! You can post all of your homework assignments online without having to learn web site design and publishing. Plus, it's absolutely free! And your students and their parents will never be unsure about homework and project assignments again!

Parents: Finally! Now you can check up on your child's homework without being intrusive! Simply create an account, enter your child's class schedule into our easy interface, and their homework from all participating teachers will be retrieved immediately.

Homework Online is completely free, just like Microsoft's "Hotmail " or any other free internet service! Besides offering our great homework communication system, we are constantly adding Literature Study Guides, where students can go to find help on common High School reading!

Obviously, without participation by teachers, this service will not be as helpful as it could be. If you would like to notify teachers of Homework Online, go ahead and nag 'em to sign up! It can't hurt -- all it takes is five minutes online every day.

Select the Homework On-line link from the homework links page to use this service.