Penny Rowebottom Teacher of the Deaf
.Jan Atkinson Teacher of the Deaf

Head of Department: Mrs. P, Rowbottom, B.Ed., University Certificate for Teachers Of the Deaf.

The HSQ exists to provide the opportunity for hearing-impaired students to work alongside their hearing peers and to access the benefits of mainstream education. At present, there are 15 students in the HSQ, all of whom have statements of Special Education Need as per the 1993 Education Act. Each student has an individual timetable tailored to his/her particular needs which includes both in-class support and withdrawal as appropriate. Each student also has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), reviewed and updated termly, detailing his/her learning targets and achievements.

During individual tutorial sessions work is undertaken to improve language and literacy skills, furthering speech and language development, and to reinforce work covered in mainstream, facilitating integration and access to the National Curriculum. The aim is that each student should enjoy as full, successful and happy a school life as possible, with opportunity to fulfil his/her potential and develop his/her skills and interests .

Resources include a wide variety of reading and language development materials, two computers with appropriate software and peripherals and materials to support learning in the curriculum. Radio hearing aids and other audiological aids are provided for all students to enhance successful integration into mainstream.

Each student is a member of a form in his/her year group and participates fully in school life, doing work experience, voluntary service, taking SATs, GCSEs and other external examinations, and joining in extra-curricular activities where possible. All hearing-impaired students have full access to the National Curriculum and, according to their needs, are eligible for modification to programmes of study and for special arrangements in public examinations.

Students are reviewed annually in line with the Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of Special Educational Need, in addition to the usual school reporting procedures. so that progress can be closely monitored and any problems identified early.

Close liaison is maintained with all staff teaching each hearing-impaired student, and with Heads of Department. Form Tutors. Year Heads and Seniar staff within school.

Strong finks are maintained with the primary SERF at Todmorden Road, the advisory service, audiological, psychological, and other support services including speech therapy, hearing therapy, the careers service and local colleges, the NDCS, local Deaf club and with SERFs across the county.

There has been a Special Educational Resource Facility at Ivy Bank since 1973. Situated in G-14, the HSD is a purpose designed room; curtains. carpets and boarding help improve the acoustic environment, whilst displays and noticeboards keep students informed and provide reinforcement for work in the curriculum and in HSD. Currently there are two qualified teachers of the deaf, plus3 part-time special support assistants.

We aim to ensure that students with significant hearing impairment are prepared socially, emotionally and academically to participate as fully as possible in a predominantly hearing society. We believe that the provision of such facilities as ours within mainstream education enriches the lives of all, and leads to greater equality and understanding.

Our trip to Chester, to the Friends for the Young Deaf fun day.