ICT at Ivy Bank

ICT is a very important tool, which students are using more and more to help them learn. ICT provision is increasing in primary schools and students are starting in year 7 with a good basic understanding which will be built on as they progress through the school.

ICT is taught as part of the Technology rotations, this means that each student receives a minimum of 1 lesson per week for 13 weeks in years 7, 8 and 9. The main item of software in use is Microsoft Office incorporating Word, Excel, Access and Publisher. A number of other subjects make use of ICT so students are encouraged to practise their skills throughout the year.

At Ivy Bank there is a whole school network, which comprises 4 computer suites and a number of PCs dotted around the building. Through the network there is filtered access to the Internet, which is being used to provide students with useful educational experiences. Each student has to pass an ICT test and they receive an IT Card which allows them to access the computers which are available for student use before school, at break and after school.

GCSE IT is available as a Technology option in years 10 and 11

C Pilkington
ICT Co-ordinator